Indians: A Rare Breed Of ‘Homo Opinions’, not ‘Homo Sapiens’

You are here for two reasons: either you are curious to know what “Homo Opinion” means or you just saw someone mocking Indians and want to shout your brains out in the comment box. Well, sorry for the disappointment but this story isn’t for both of you. This is for the ones who ignored this blog, to the ones who just saw this story and thought they have nothing to do with this (and they don’t).

Imagine a man staying at a 3-star hotel. He has paid for the room and service. And when he reached his room, he realise there was no bed there. He calls the reception and complaints. But instead of accepting their mistake and bringing a bed, the hotel authorities send two workers to beat him up and asks him to stop insulting the hotel. He only wanted the service he paid for, but was silenced by the hotel. He was also criticised by people in other rooms, saying he didn’t appreciate the table and bath towels arranged in his room and was simply trying to blame the hotel management. This is how an average Indian life is right now, everyone has an opinion. Instead of finding a logic or truth behind, people raise their opinions on social media expecting a short time fame. These keyboard warriors are the threat to our country. They create fake messages, videos and take unethical ways to dominate with others with their opinion. And in India, people do this too in groups. This is the reason behind increasing mob violence in India.


So, who are Homo Opinions?

A person who knows nothing of the subject gives his opinions for political, religious or social reasons, and gets offended when others doesn’t agree with him/her.

We have been taught that doing something is better than doing nothing. We all have been told to raise our voices rather than being silent, but dear brothers and sisters, it’s time to shut up. The reason why this is meant for people who ignored this post is because they are the real gems of our society today. They prevented spreading hatred messages, they broke the virality of a violent religious or political posts, and one habit helped them in doing that –  Ignorance. People are so obsessed with short time fame on social media and for a few likes they tend to give out opinions whether it’s true-ethical-logical or not. One such common thing nowadays are attention seeking comments. Writing against the good one in the story, mocking someones religion and abusive jokes all for attention.

Ignorance is something we should learn. We are wasting way too time on social media finding things to give opinion and seek attention. We are too obsessed with religious leaders and political idols that we forget we are played by most of them. This is the reason why when a religious leader is arrested for rape cases protesters storm the cities and burn things down. When Barack Obama was elected as the president of United States, a guy was selling Obama condoms on the street. And surprisingly (to Indians), no mob took charge against the guy. There were no bans,’harthals’, marches and attacks. Imagine a brand named with our Prime Minister or Chief Minister, how would these homo opinions react.

When social media happened, great minds saw this as an oppurtunity to share ideas and knowledge. But all we did do this far was seek attention from others and spread hatred towards others doesn’t agree with ideologies. It’s time we Indians can focus on using the available technologies for creating our country a better place. Remember, if a whatsapp message can kill people, it can save too, and if that’s done in group like we do everything else, it may save our country too!

So next time when your fingers urge to spread hatred on a religion or a party or people remember, you are not a warrior, anonimity empowers cowards.


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