Kozhikode’s Budding Coffee Shop Culture – Cafes Are Mushrooming All Around The City

Coffee shops are now sewn into the fabric of the growing community. People in Calicut don’t just love the food, they love the entire experience that goes with the food. While luscious food and beverages still remain the central focus, many cafes now provide comfort and convenience. Coffee culture has taken on a decidedly different face in Calicut, with Western-style cafes mushrooming across the neighbourhoods.

Well, there’s a twist. Unlike the basic idea behind coffee shops, that is everything from work meetings to socialising or getting some time to themselves, Calicut has a distinct idea. Cafes are more like restaurants to us – but with a better ambience and experience. We go to the cafes with family, which is not seen much elsewhere.

While coffee shops are all the rage right now, we cannot forget the love that we have for Tea. Just as Indian chai has become a staple in cafes in the West, European style cafes are now popping up all over the city. It all started with a brave move by “Coffee Beanz“, bringing the Banglore inspired coffee culture into Kozhikode. Within its warm and yellow walls, nodding your head to some thumping music, you could spend hours downing any number of cappuccinos or just sit there doing nothing.

Apart from food, we love talking. We can sit hours talking about irrelevant things and still can’t get bored. How about a place that serves delicious food where you can sit around for long? Of course, we loved it. For the youth, a coffee house is not only a place to buy lattes and cappuccinos, but also a much-needed urban space. A cafe offers a neutral meeting place that allows friends and colleagues to get together in an appealing space that is neither a home nor a workplace.

The Downtown cafe raised the bar a bit. Fine dining and a menu that could tantalize your taste buds. Downtown introduced a new culture, going to cafes became a huge part of the weekend for people. Downtown did everything just right, that includes not offering wifi at their stores. They encouraged connecting with friends or family.

From then, cafes mushroomed in the city and sadly most of them couldn’t avoid their demise. But there were also some cafes that astonished us by their ambience and some others by food, and a very few by both. The Sixth Avenue and Dr.Cafe are among the few.

Hug a Mug is different, dine in for families and a perfect place for the work-oriented. To sit in for hours, headphones on, laptops out, totally focused on work, drinking incredible quantities of coffee loaded with cream and sugar. The ambience at Hug a Mug is something you cannot find elsewhere and is among the very few 24/7 cafes in the city. So unlike the other coffee joints, Hug a Mug offers exceptional English breakfast.

The growing cafe ventures are transforming the way Calicut takes its coffee and leisure. The trend is set to continue over the next few years, as good food doesn’t go unnoticed by Calicut, adding a little experience or ambience with it wouldn’t go wrong.

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