Living In Calicut? Here Are Five Things Every Millennial In Calicut Can Relate To

Have you felt that effect Calicut has on you? Whether you’re just a visitor or resident, Calicut leaves a lasting impression of awe on your mind! From the amazing food to the cultural exhibits everywhere, the city just seems to be throbbing out life every minute. Being as that may, there are some things that every youth settled in Calicut can relate to. And here are some:


Getting out with great plans and ending up on the beach

We all have spent weekends at the beach waiting for the dusk or at the movies just because there isn’t else to do. We often leave our homes hoping for a great evening and end up at the beach reviving our souls and leaving the worries to the sea.  The past few months has astonished us with a few entertainment hubs, like the growing turf football centres all around the city, events at Aspirin courtyard and some indoor game centres, but still, Calicut lacks places that can engage us in every boredom evenings and weekends.


Not finding what you crave for

Being the unofficial food capital of Kerala, we have food corners that serve luscious food in every corner of the city. But we seem to be obsessed more with different Biriyanis and Arabian food that are limiting us to a belief that our place is filled with different kinds of cuisines. Experiments are coming from different corners but most of them fail to address the right people. Some Instagram foodies pages are doing a great work in unravelling such authentic tastes.


The popular misconception that the ones settling abroad are creative and smarter

If there’s one question every millennial after college is scared of, it is “Entha ippo cheyyunne” or “Gulfilek eppola”. People tend to believe the ones settled abroad are successful rather than the ones working here. Whether a salesman at the supermarket, clerk or cook at a restaurant, as long as you are abroad – it doesn’t matter to the people. You are still above the software engineers and chartered accountants settled within the country.


Staring and staring

This is more like a national issue. Whether you are in a mall or cafe, some tend to stare rather than minding their own business. We are so used to it that we forgot how disgusting it is. We are literates who speaks about developments in other states and countries, but this is something we don’t look upon changing. It might be to find a familiar face or a mental disability, whatever it is, we need to stop doing that now. It would be better if we put a smile on our face, to clear the negative out of people and let people know how blessed they are to live in a city like Calicut.


No technologies or creative meet-ups

Ever wondered what to do when none of your friends comes to pick you up? Or felt lazy to go out and buy dinner? As everyone has a ride at home, no one cares about the lack of a cab-calling app, or a food delivery service app. Uber, Swiggy, Zomato are not much use in Calicut. We lack a place to organise things like The Dialogues Cafe in Bengaluru which provides a place for meet-ups, discussions and to plan events.

When it comes to praising Calicut we skip our meals to overstate the love of our people and the luscious taste of our food. Being as that may, we often fail to address the cons of living in Calicut, which may help in forming creative meetups to encourage these circumstances to favourable ones and transform Calicut from a location to a destination.

In spite of the lack of development and technologies, Calicut has something of its own. Other than the food and the beach, the people are different, and the people who have travelled know how lucky we are to live in a region surrounded by kind people. Calicut is famous for itself, and yes, being Calicutian is a blessing.

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