#MondayMotivation: A Boy Who Learned Programming Using Nokia 2690 And Is Now Working For An MIT Startup

We know the arduous effort of learning programming from scratch. Even today where online tutorials and frameworks that is available to help us develop better and faster are piling up, most of us often find it difficult to code and make a career out of it. If you are among this slow learners, here’s your motivation that can drive you through your ‘compilation error’ times.

This is Elvis Chidera

A village boy from Nigeria who had nothing but a dream and a feature(J2ME) phone. Today, he’s a 19 year old Android developer who has worked on over 50 apps and currently work for an MIT startup. He started his programming journey from 2012, when he was only 12 years old, and had no money to buy a laptop – he only had about enough to pay for his school fees. The only interaction that he had with a computer at that time, was in cyber cafes.

He first started with learning HTML and CSS from various tutorials on the internet. To do that, he would save for weeks to buy a 10 MB internet bundle for 100 Naira ($0.28), which could last for a month in 2012.

10MB for a month!

A few months of intensive learning got him acquainted with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. While he was still learning, a friend showed him the Social Network movie and after watching it he was super motivated to build the next big thing.

A relative gave him a feature phone (The Nokia 2690) which he says changed his life and it’s what he used to develop Xmx Me, his failed social network and several other projects.

Often, his phone battery would die out, so Elvis would write his programs on paper and check for syntax errors and other mistakes, before compiling them again. While he was building websites, he would often ask his friend from Facebook to look at the website from his laptop and give him feedback!

His story got featured at Kenya’s top blog  when Elvis was just over 14 years old.

Elvis today is 19 years old, has worked on over 50 apps, and is currently working for an MIT startup.

His story is a great inspiration for all the new programmers, hard work and willpower is the key.

Elvis’s story is published at FreeCodeCamp. FreeCodeCamp

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