Ranveer Singh Will Be The Voice Of Deadpool In Hindi : And We Can’t Think Of Anyone Else!

Ryan Reynolds and Ranveer Singh onscreen together! What more could we ask for? His good looks matched with Ranveer’s rugged voice is a combination that’s hard to find. Ranveer Singh has lend his voice to Marvel’s next superhero ‘Deadpool’ and we can’t think of anyone else to be the Desi Deadpool. The actor was always the first choice by the movie makers who will lend his voice for the lead character. Like Deadpool, Ranveer is known for his smart, witty with irreverent humour. He’s a hugely daring and powerhouse actor and we absolutely relished having him on board for our biggest superhero film,” said Vijay Singh, CEO Fox Star Studios.

To be honest, the desi trailer is amazing. What we loved the most is the fact how he has ‘out-crassed’ Ryan in the trailer. It is commendable to keep the conversation or dialogues relevant to the language of the country. With correct Hindi slangs and the mention of words and references used in daily life, the trailer will blend well with the Hindi audiences. Whoever has dubbed for the trailer has done a superb job at it. It’s a story about an adult superhero with a twisted sense of humour. While the previous Hindi trailer of the movie was released in March, the makers later roped in the Padmaavat star to lend his voice for Ryan’s character. Guess they believed having his voice would be benefit the movie’s publicity.  The Marvel movie is high on humour (we all know) and you can always expect an unending dose of laughter throughout the film. Here’s what Ranveer tweeted about the dubbing:

It is great to see Deadpool in Ranveer Singh’s voice, especially because we can see glimpses of real life Ranveer Sigh and his rugged and funny character in Deadpool. While the trailer itself looks so promising, we bet the Hindi audiences are in for a double treat. Imagine two hunks in a single frame. Well… not literally. The Hindi Trailer of Deadpool 2  is again A-rated as the studio wanted to stick to the tone of the English film that has Reynold mouthing cuss-words. The movie is releasing on 18th May, a week before its worldwide release. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet:

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