Sidharth Malhotra’s Back On Social Media After A Cringe-Worthy Promotional Strategy

We know Sidharth Malhotra for his bad acting skills and dancing. He isn’t looking forward to stop any time soon as his list of worst performances are getting bigger. Fortunately this time his acting was not onscreen but on social medias. Last Thursday, Sid tweeted this from his official twitter handle

As expected, the #SidsOffGrid went on top trending with hours and fans started showing their love towards the young star

And some making it awful


And finally, he came back theatrically wiping the tears of his fans and they exhaled deeply with satisfaction that their prays are heard. Sid is back!

And this tweet shows how wonderful the campaign was

We have seen Bollywood going over the line for promoting their movies. Alia Bhatt posted a card saying she is getting engaged for the promotion of the movie Two States . And here is Sidharth Malhotra’s “OffTheGrid” drama that is added to the list of most cringe-worthy promotional strategies from Bollywood.


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